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Main Street Renovation

Main Street in Sumiton is getting a facelift. New business are opening up downtown and it’s generating a great deal of interest.

Heather Nelson, who heads up the downtown Sumiton Main Street renovation committee, is one of the leading forces on this project. She along with other citizens formed a renovation committee for Main Street Sumiton. The committee — which includes Paula Birmingham Moore, Connie McLemore, Shirley Fields, and several others are planning renovation activities and projects.

The committee did a community clean-up on homes and storefronts along Main Street. This clean-up was Saturday, Sept. 29, and a crew of people worked to clean lots, remove trash, and paint storefronts.

The first business opened in one of the refurbished buildings mid-October. Solon L had been doing business in Country Village, but they wanted to move where it was more open, according to Britney Laird, who owns Salon L.

“There is a lot of excitement from all that’s going on downtown. It’s been great!” she said. “We’ve loved it so far."

She said that Main Street is really busy, which will be good for business. It will make her salon more visible.

“It’s great being a part of something that was once old but is now new,” Laird said.
The entryway to a building a few doors down from Salon L was like a beehive. At least three men in trucks made deliveries in an hour. The sound of screaming electric saws and hammers came from inside.

The next business to open was Southern Vintage Market followed by The Blend Coffee House.

The day after Thanksgiving, the Main Street Committee hosted a Christmas Jubilee. Even with a threat of rain, hundreds of people showed up to buy Christmas trees, get pictures taken with Santa, and enjoy food from the many street vendors.

To follow the progress of the renovation, go to Facebook and LIKE the Main Street Sumiton Committee’s page.

“There’s a lot of conversation going on about what’s being done and seems like most of it positive,” Ellis said. It all seems like it’s putting a positive spin on things, according to Ellis.

Welcome to the City of Sumiton

The friendly city

The City of Sumiton is located on the eastern edge of Walker County and the city limits extend into Jefferson County. Some of the friendliest people on the planet live here.

Within the last several years Sumiton has grown extensively with theaddition of several national chain stores and lots of new restaurants, and many other local businesses which combined make Sumiton a bustling area of commerce.

Sumiton is also the home of Bevill State Community College which has grown exponentially over the last several years. Sumiton School which is K-8 is one of the largest schools in Walker County.

The Library which is located at city hall has a large selection of books for the entire family. Also available for Library visitors is a computer with Internet access which is ideal for research, job hunting, and educational pursuits.

There are upscale subdivisions and charming older homes in the area depending on your tastes. Sumiton recently completed construction of a multi-function Senior Citizen Center which server the people of Sumiton and surrounding communities. The Senior Center is a hub of activity for Seniors and a place where they can meet, play games, eat hot meals and enjoy companionship. The Senior Center is also a safe shelter for the community during violent weather situations. Click here for photos of the Senior Center.